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Vice President of Curtin University Visited South China Normal University
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On September 20, Nigel de Bussy, Vice President of Curtin University, and Henry Li, Dean of International Affairs, visited South China Normal University. Vice-President Ma Weihua, Dean of International Business College Wu Jianli, Dean of School of Economics and Management Peng Biyu, Vice-Dean of School of Software Yu Songsen, Deputy Director of Teaching Affairs Office Zhang Changhai, Deputy Director of International Office of Exchange and Cooperation Tan Weihong, Vice Dean of International Business Collegel Zhuang Huijuan, etc. participated in the meeting.  


Vice-President Ma Weihua warmly welcomed Vice-President Bussy and introduced to the guests the achievements of South China Normal University in the fields of discipline construction, basic scientific research and international development in recent years. She thanked Curtin University for its constant support. She hoped to deepen the cooperation between the two sides in talent training in the field of business and expand the cooperation field to financial engineering, business information system and software engineering and other fields. Vice President Bussy thanked South China Normal University for its welcome. He introduced the construction of international campuses, the development of advantageous disciplines and leading disciplines research institutes of Curtin University. He agreed with a series of suggestions on deepening cooperation put forward by SCNU. He hoped that with the help of existing cooperation platforms, cooperation agreements could be renewed to further enhance the depth and breadth of cooperation between the two universities.