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Vice President Richard Wells of University of Aberdeen Visited South China Normal University
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On May 14, Professor Richard Wells, Vice President of University of Aberdeen, visited South China Normal University.


Vice President Xiao Hua, Dean of International Business College Wu Jianli, Executive Vice Dean of Graduate School Zhang Wei, Deputy Director of International Office of Exchange and Cooperation, Tan Weihong, Vice Deans of International Business College Yun Qiaoyun and Chai Shaoming attended the first stage of the talks. Vice President Xiao Hua extended a warm welcome to the University of Aberdeen. Prof. Richard Wells expressed his appreciation for the fruitful results of the cooperation between the two schools over the past eleven years. University of Aberdeen believes that South China Normal University is the most important partner of Aberdeen University in China and even in the world. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the application of Sino-foreign cooperative school-running projects at the graduate level, and reached a preliminary consensus.


Vice President Wu Jian, Dean of International Business College Wu Jianli, Vice Deans Qiaoyun, Chai Shaoming and Section Chief Shen Liling of International Office of Exchange and Cooperation attended the second stage of the talks. The two sides reviewed the achievements of the Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school project in finance major at different stages, and exchanged views on such issues as the establishment of provincial practice bases, teacher training and teacher development with KPMG for the Sino-foreign cooperatively-run graduate student project.