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IBC Held 10th Anniversary of Cooperation Celebration
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On the morning of November 10, the International Business College held the tenth anniversary celebration of  cooperation with the University of Aberdeen and Curtin University on the lawn of the complex building, Nanhai Campus. Professor Bryan Macgregor, Senior Vice-President of the University of Aberdeen, Professor Seth Kunin, Vice-President of the Curtin University, Professor Justin Daffron, Assistant President of St. Louis University, and nearly 100 teachers and students from the University of Aberdeen, the Curtin University , alumni and the International Business College teachers ans students attended the celebration. The celebration was presided over by Li Xinqiang, Secretary of the CPC IBC Branch. Li Xinqiang introduced the internationalization of the College, especially its cooperation with Aberdeen University and Curtin University. Dean Wu Jianli expressed her heartfelt thanks to the overseas partners for their strong support over the years and greeted the alumni who have contributed their youth and strength to all walks of life after their return from school. Subsequently, representatives of alumni from  University of Aberdeen and Curtin University expressed their gratitude to Professor Bryan Macgregor, Professor Seth Kunin and Professor Wu Jianli.