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Dean’s Welcome


The International Business College (IBC) of SouthChinaNormalUniversityis an institution with both fine traditions and youthful vigor. We have based our educational ideology on SCNU mottoes “Thrift and Perseverance, Verity and Innovation, Rigor in Learning, Serving as a Role Model”. We plan to build distinctive programs with international courses localized and local courses internationalized, and develop our students into distinguished Chinese citizens with global vision and world citizens with thorough understanding of Chinese economy and culture. We adhere to human-centered educational principles, start from Chinese culture and seek inheritance and innovation. We have internationalized our educational patterns, teachers and students, resources and management, striving to turn IBC into a solid bridge linkingChinaand the world so as to transmit Chinese economy and culture, and assimilate the essence from the world.


IBC has two advantages and distinctive features: having exchange and cooperation programs with foreign universities and having internship bases in international corporations. By offering joint programs and sharing resources, IBC imports superior educational resources and invites students and elites from the world to join us. On the other hand, it provides teachers and students with a platform for cultural exchange so that they can start from IBC for the world.


IBC is abundant in experiences and opportunities. It is at IBC that you are entitled to enjoy the lessons in small classes that feature teacher-student interactions, that you are entitled to stay in an English-only learning environment where courses are taught by both Chinese and foreign teachers, and the learning process are shared by both Chinese and foreign students, that you are entitled to derive enjoyment from integrating theory into practice at IBC’s internship bases at home and abroad, and that you are entitled to study on different campuses in one county or another and grow up from cultural differences.


If you are craving for such a learning experience, please do not hesitate to join us at IBC!



                                                                                                                               Prof. WU Jianli

                                                                                                                                Dean of IBCnli