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South China Normal University's first Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Program---the Master’s Entrance Rate of Finance Graduates from the International Business College Hits Another Brilliant Record
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Recently, according to the statistics of the International Business College, SCNU’s first Sino-foreign cooperative education program-Finance undergraduate major, following last year’s 67.5% being admitted to world-class universities for master’s degrees, the second cohort’s entrance rate this year reached 70.8%, which recreates glory.

There are 48 graduates of IBC’s Sino-foreign cooperative Finance undergraduate program in 2020, of which 28 were exchanged to the University of Aberdeen through the cooperation agreement signed by the two universities to continue their studies for the next two years with excellent grades. Among all graduates, three students have obtained the qualifications for domestic postgraduate exemption, and 31 have obtained the qualifications for admission to high-level foreign universities, and 64.5% of them have been accepted by the Top 100 world ranking (according to the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings ) universities. Xu Qiannan was admitted to University College London, which is ranked 15th in the world and one of the G5 super elite universities. Tan Fangyu and Liao Boxi were admitted to Edinburgh University, which is ranked 30 in the world. Shi Yanxun was admitted to King’s College London, which is ranked 36 in the world. Tan Lele was admitted to the 57th- ranked Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Li Jian, Chen Xizhe and Tan Jialiang were admitted to the 60th-ranked University of Sydney.

The Sino-foreign cooperative Finance undergraduate program is the benchmark of SCNU’s internationalization. Since its inception, it has received great attention and support from university leaders and relevant departments. The International Business College and the University of Aberdeen Business School have worked closely to adhere to distinctive internationalization. The goal of running the program combines the advantages of the real estate finance major of the University of Aberdeen and introduces the core courses of the major. The Chinese and British sides jointly form an international high-level teaching team to jointly develop an international talent training plan. In the teaching method, full English or bilingual teaching is adopted. Through case analysis and project-based learning, students are trained to analyze and solve problems and focus on the individual development of students. Adapting to the new business development direction, breaking through the domestic traditional finance professional curriculum system, and building an international curriculum system centered on English bilingual courses by introducing and basing itself on the local. The combination of disciplines, talents, scientific research, education reform, management and other software and hardware construction has achieved remarkable results in professional construction. Relying on the development platform of the Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone, an off-campus practice teaching base has been established, and an on-campus creation center and a financial engineering big data analysis laboratory have been built. Relying on diversified international cooperative education platforms and projects, actively encourage and support students to participate in overseas study tours, summer inspections, and practical projects. In 2019, the first graduates of the project had outstanding achievements in the promotion of postgraduate studies, and they were hailed as the first "Straight-A Class" in South China Normal University. The achievements of the finance major in talent training and teaching practice won two first prizes in the ninth and tenth teaching achievements of the university. The program was successfully approved as a "Special Program of Guangdong Province" in 2019.

      The Sino-foreign cooperative education Financial program will continue to use an international vision and first-class professional construction standards in the construction of disciplines and majors to promote the program's advancement in talent training, so that students have more opportunities to continue their studies in world-class universities , To make due contributions to the country's economic development and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to cultivate high-level internationalized compound talents.

Statistics of admission qualifications for master's programs in top 100 universities in the world in Finance in 2016

(According to the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings)

World Ranking

University name

Number of people


University College London 



University of Edinburgh



King’s College London



University of Manchester



Chinese University of Hong Kong



University of Sydney



University of New South Wales



McMaster University



University of Bristol



University of Glasgow


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