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The Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of the First Graduates of the Sino-foreign Cooperative Undergraduate Program was held at the University of Aberdeen
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On June 18, 2019, SCNU’s first Sino-foreign cooperative program, the first graduation ceremony and degree award ceremony of the Finance Undergraduate Program jointly organized by South China Normal University and the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom was held at the University of Aberdeen. A group of 6 people including Wang Enke, President of South China Normal University, Wu Jianli, Dean of International Business College, and leaders of relevant departments of the school went to the University of Aberdeen to attend the ceremony.

        On the morning of June 18th, the University of Aberdeen held a graduation ceremony for the first graduates of Finance from the International Business College of South China Normal University in the New King's Building. The ceremony was hosted by Wu Jianli, Dean of International Business College. Richard Wells, Vice Principal of the University of Aberdeen, Harminder Battu, Head of International Programs of Business College, Zhang Wei, Dean of Graduate School of South China Normal University, Xiong Jianwen, Director of Academic Affairs, Jiang Dayong, Director of Personnel, Tan Weihong, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation, the first graduates of Cooperative Finance studying in Aberdeen and their parents attended the graduation ceremony. After Dean Wu Jianli announced the start of the ceremony, the majestic national anthem was played. After everyone stood up and sang the national anthem, President Wang Enke delivered a speech and introduced the development history, characteristics and achievements of the two universities' cooperative program. President Wang encouraged the graduates to persist in lifelong learning, make great ambitions, practice their skills, discipline themselves, and make continuous efforts for the benefit of society. Subsequently, the Director of Academic Affairs Xiong Jianwen announced the degree award decision and the list of students. The Vice President of the University of Aberdeen Richard Wells and the student representatives delivered speeches respectively. President Wang Enke presented the bachelor's degree certificate of South China Normal University and the bachelor's degree certificate in economics. Finally, all teachers and students sang "South China Normal University Anthem" together.

        In the evening, the degree awarding ceremony for the 2019 undergraduate graduates of the Business College of the University of Aberdeen was held at King's College. President Wang Enke and Dean Wu Jianli participated in the academic parade as special guests and sat on the rostrum, witnessing the honorary bachelor’s degree granted by the University of Aberdeen University of Aberdeen Degree Evaluation Committee to students majoring in finance. It is reported that a total of 21 students in the first finance graduated successfully from the University of Aberdeen, of which 9 received a bachelor's degree with first-class honors, 11 received a bachelor's degree with first-class honors, and one received a bachelor's degree with second-class honors.


Sino-foreign Cooperative Undergraduate Program in finance is the first Sino-foreign cooperative education program of SCNU. After 4 years of development, the teaching quality of the program and the teaching level of teachers have been continuously improved. The achievements of the finance major in talent cultivation and teaching practice all won first prizes in the 9th and 10th Teaching Achievements of China Normal University. Among the first graduates of the program, 67.5% of the students were successfully admitted to postgraduates, 65% were admitted as masters by world-class universities, and 45% were admitted to the top 100 universities in the world. 

Date: 2019-06-19